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DOJ (aka CV joint) Boot Replacement

Got a torn DOJ (Double-Offset Joint, aka CV joint) boot? Here’s how to replace it on a 2002 Subaru WRX. This write-up details a front right DOJ boot replacement job.

Infrared Thermography for Performance Gains

The application of infrared thermography for automotive heat analysis.

Heat Shielding Deathmatch

Several sleeve/sheath style heat shielding products are put through their paces.

Subaru Cylinder Head Disassembly Video

For the newbie DIYer who needs a little confidence boost to crack open that cylinder head, we’ve made the following video showing a tear-down of a 2002 WRX cylinder head.

The WRX Throttle Body Assembly

Jeff had the pleasure of replacing his WRX throttle body. In the process, he learned plenty about the setup that he can share with you.

Field Notes Volume 1

Carbon fiber: wet-layup vs. dry-layup. Thread/hole/bit chart. Automotive logos.

Mitsubishi TD04-13T Turbo Rebuild

The documented rebuilding of a Mitsubishi TD04-13T turbocharger. Step-by-step instructions and pictures included.

Recommended Reading, 1st Edition

We’ve read all of these and found them to be excellent.

Automotive Fluid Safety Cheat Sheet

Got coolant in your eye? We’ve met very few car enthusiasts clued into the specifics of the fluids they use regularly. By referencing a selection of products’ Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), we’ve composed this quick overview to at least raise awareness.

Subaru WRX Cooling System Upgrade

Overhauling your cooling system is an often overlooked and unsexy way to give your engine a little more room to stretch its legs power-wise.

A Realization and a Re-learned Lesson

Almost every aftermarket modification requires its own maintenance that the lesser OEM part did not. A journal-style reminder story from Jeff.